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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Letone industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

hnbr air hose for chemical room

Rubber Chemical Resistance Chart, Rubber Compatibility

Use this rubber chemical resistance chart to make sure that the elastomer or O-ring seal you choose will be compatible with the particular environment. The chemical compatibility of rubber is extremely important as the rubber can degrade rapidly if the rubber material is not compatible with the environment or media that it comes into contact with. LEGEND: 1 = Satisfactory, 2 = Fair, 3

Chemical Resistance Guide - Goodall Hoses

The secret of our powerful air hoses + Increased service of hydrocarbon drain hoses + 30 do''s and don''ts of hose care and use + 8 hose assely installation fails that occur often + Newsletter + Anhydrous Ammonia Hose: Goodall Super Long Life + Serious about Safety: Electrically-Conductive hoses + Tekno SD LITE: A hose with a memory + RESOURCES + Where to Buy …

Chemical Resistance, SBR, EPDM, NBR

Air 70 111 Air 100 2 1 0 Air 150 3 2 3 Air 200 4 3 4 Allyl alcohol 001 Ammonia anhydrous 23 011 i ld CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Concentration % Grade 1 = No significant effect 2 = Minor effect 3 = Moderate effect 4= Severe effect 0= Not tested Temperature °C SBR EPDM NBR Ammonia, gas co 111 Ammonia, gas hot 323 Ammonia, liquid 23 111 Ammonium carbonate 70 114 …

Material Guide | Polymer Manufacture | Elastomer Moulding

Created in 1930 by DuPont, Neoprene® (CR) was initially introduced as an air and oil-resistant substitute for natural rubber. As a result of this, Neoprene® was the very first mass-produced synthetic rubber on the market. CR Polychloroprene (Neoprene®) is a great general purpose rubber material option that can be manufactured in a range of different ways to suit an array of …

Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber

7/6/2001· Belts, seals and hoses are among the most important appliions of HNBR, and the automotive industry is the most powerful driving force in the further expansion of these materials’ use. Automotive belts - mainly timing belts - currently account for more than 50% of HNBR use in Europe. HNBR materials allow manufacturers to produce belts with a lifetime of more than …

Types of Rubber and Basic Properties - All Seals Inc

The properties of Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR) depend upon the acrylonitrile content and the degree of hydrogenation of the butadiene copolymer. They have rather better oil and chemical resistance than Nitrile Rubber and can withstand much higher temperatures. HNBR has excellent resistance to sour oil and gas, steam, hot water and ozone. Physical properties (e.g. …

PowerGrip® HTD® Timing Belts | Gates Corporation

PowerGrip® HTD® 3M and 5M belts are suitable for domestic appliances, office machines, electric hand tools and for appliions in the processing and chemical industry. PowerGrip® HTD® 8M, 14M and 20M belts are used in high performance drives in the machine tool, paper and textile industries where durability and low maintenance are required.

Your Guide to O-ring Materials - Gallagher Fluid Seals

3/11/2015· Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR): Nitrile base with added chemical strength and resistance following hydrogenation. Temperature: -50 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit; Appliions: Water and steam up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, fuel systems, oil resistant and high abrasion appliions; Avoid: Strong acids and polar solvents such as ethers and ketones

(PDF) The mechanical properties of a model hydrogenated

A typical carbon black reinforced hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) was exposed to a mix of hydrocarbons (toluene, heptane and cyclohexane) at …

Chemical Resistance Chart - Rubber Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance Guide. Use the chemical resistance guide below to help you determine which rubber is recommended to use based on your chemical appliion. How to use this tool: To use the tool, simply type in the chemical, hit search, and the associated resistance ratings will automatically populate. Not sure which rubber is best for the

Suction & Delivery Hose | Megaflex

Suction & Delivery Hose is essential for heavy duty appliions, from standard PVC slurry hose to ultra abrasion-resistant bulk material hose, we offer a wide selection of different hoses for all appliions. We pride ourselves on our expert technical advice, Why don''t you give us a call on 01636816612 or send us an email [email protected]

Chemical Resistance Table - Parker Hannifin

Ratings are based on room temperature. Parker FTHE will cooperate by supplying sampling for tests, and carrying out tests with special chemical products. Chemical Resistance Table Chemical Resistance Table KEY E = Excellent G = Good C = Conditional X = Unsatisfactory Trade Name Description ASTM Codes Butyl Isobutylene-Isoprene IIR CPE Chlorinated …

Degradation of hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) O-rings

1/10/2017· Many previous studies have presented the degradation behavior and mechanism of nitrile butadiene rubbers (mostly the unfilled rubber and rubber sheet) in hot air, under stress or in chemical environments. However, in the case of servo system, the HNBR O-rings under the actual service conditions are often subjected to severe and complied environment factors. …

Nitrile rubber - Wikipedia

Nitrile rubber, also known as nitrile butadiene rubber, NBR, Buna-N, and acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, is a synthetic rubber derived from acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. Trade names include Perbunan, Nipol, Krynac and Europrene.This rubber is unusual in being resistant to oil, fuel, and other chemicals. NBR is used in the automotive and aeronautical industry to make fuel and oil …

Materials Chemical Compatibility Guide

HNBR is made via selective hydrogenation of the NBR butadiene groups. The properties of the HNBR rubber depend on the ACN content which ranges between 18 % and 50 % as well as on the degree of saturation. HNBR shows good mechanical properties. The operating temperature of HNBR ranges between -30 °C/-22 °F


balance of oil, chemical, heat and cold resistance allows it to work well in a wide variety of automotive and industrial appliions. The family is well differentiated to include general purpose types for cost sensitive appliions and specialty products (XNBR, Hot-Crosslinked NBR, HNBR) for more demanding service conditions.

Quick coupler 6mm Rohr PCV-600-2-HNBR

Quick coupler 6mm Rohr PCV-600-2-HNBR. Item nuer: T1217080. SKU: L14001655. egory: Quick couplers. 150,07 €. including 20% VAT. , plus shipping (Paketdienst) Recommended retail price : 125,06 €. Inquiry for availability (usually 1-2 weeks) Shipping time: 8 - …

Difference Between NBR and HNBR | Compare the Difference

6/7/2020· For example, this HNBR material is mainly used in automotive, industrial, and assorted, performance-demanding appliions. Most commonly, HNBR is used to manufacture O-rings for automotive air-conditioning systems. The tensile strength of HNBR typically ranges from 20-31 MPa at low temperature (around 23 degrees Celsius). However, the

List of thermal conductivities - Wikipedia

List of thermal conductivities. In heat transfer, the thermal conductivity of a substance, k, is an intensive property that indies its ability to conduct heat. For most materials, the amount of heat conducted varies (usually non-linearly) with temperature. Thermal conductivity is often measured with laser flash analysis.

Synergistic crosslink of double bond and nitrile group of

1/11/2018· HNBR with 20%–39% nitrile before and after corrosion were marked as HN20 HN39 and HN20C HN39C, respectively. BR after corrosion was marked as BRC. 2.3. Characterization2.3.1. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Infrared spectra were taken at room temperature using a Nicolet Nexus 670 FTIR–attenuated total reflection (ATR) …

(PDF) Synergistic Effects of Multiple Environmental

10/8/2018· to air, implying the mor e serious degradation for exposure to air. Polymers 2018 , 10 , x FOR PEER REVIEW 11 of 19 to rapidly plateau with increasing exposure time.

Air Changes Per Hour ~ A list of Recomendations from

If you need more help planning the Indoor Air Quality for your business or home, please give the experts at LakeAir a call @ 800-558-9436. The data presented below are suggestions only. You should consult your local Government, OSHA or EPA for for any official requirements. Building / Room. Recommended Air Changes Per Hour. All spaces in general.

Basic clean room design requirements and considerations

5/10/2021· A well-designed air handling system should deliver both “fresh” and “recirculated” filtered clean air into the cleanroom in such a way and at a rate so that it flushes the particles from the room. Depending on the nature of the operations, the air taken out of the room is usually recirculated through the air handling system, where filters remove the particulates. However, …

Understanding the link between ozone and rubber

24/2/2015· Ozone can be found everywhere. Even “normal” air can have up to 0.01 ppm of ozone. The addition of electrical equipment or lighting can increase the ppm level even greater. Different rubber polymers will have greater or less resistance to ozone — the less saturated rubber polymer, for example, will experience greater ozone effects

Elastomer Types and Chemical Compatibility

FEPM elastomers are suitable for long-term service in air up to 225°C/437°F and for short periods up to 250°C/482°F, but are limited in low temperature appliions. They are finding wide appliions mainly in oil-field operations and chemical processing as O-rings, seals and gaskets, cable insulating and jacketing and hose liners.

NBR rubber expansion joints - GTeek

NBR rubber expansion joints. The flexible NBR rubber expansion joints are used for absorbing thermal expansion and reduction of vibrations in pipe systems. This type of rubber expansion joint has an overall length of 90 or 130 mm for all sizes. The rubber sealing surface makes the use of gaskets unnecessarily.

What is Nitrile / NBR Rubber? - What makes Nitrile Rubber

18/6/2020· The unique properties and higher temperature rating attributed to HNBR when compared to NBR has resulted in wide adoption of HNBR in automotive, industrial, and assorted, performance-demanding appliions. The automotive market is by far the largest consumer, using HNBR for a wide range of dynamic and static seals, hoses, and belts. HNBR has also …

Therban® | ARLANXEO Website / Customer Portal

No other supplier offers a line of fully saturated HNBR grades that equals Therban® for performance. Use Therban® for: - blow-out preventers - packers - drill-pipe protectors - pump stators - drill bit seals Belts, hoses, mountings Therban® LT grades are especially suitable for appliions where cold flex cracking is a problem, as in snowmobile belts. Therban® partially …

Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Belts | Gates Corporation

Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Belts. Gates® Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ synchronous belts have a renowned industry reputation for high performance and huge cost savings in a range of appliions, designed to handle longer center distances at high load-carrying capacities. Gates uses patented Carbon Fiber tensile cords for increased horsepower


3.0 Chemical Compatibility Guide for Commonly Used Elastomers for O-Rings 3.1.0 Chemical Compatibility Guide for Ethylene Propylene 3.1.1 Chemical Compatibility Guide for Fluorosilicone 3.1.2 Chemical Compatibility Guide for Nitrile (Buna N) 3.1.3 Chemical Compatibility Guide for Silicone This document contains information PROPRIETARY to Bal Seal Engineering and may …